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Hello and welcome to wed & dings

I’m Laura, the creative and passionate soul behind every event we create here. From the moment I discovered my love for weddings and events, I’ve been dedicated to making the dreams of every couple who crosses our path come true.

My focus isn’t just on organizing events; it’s about capturing the unique essence of each couple and infusing it into every detail of their special day. I love diving into their love stories, dreams, and desires, and transforming them into memorable moments that will last a lifetime.

With years of experience in the industry and a dedicated team of passionate professionals, we strive to exceed expectations and create experiences that transcend the ordinary. Each wedding we plan is an exciting journey, full of creativity, inspiration, and, above all, love.

Here at wed & dings, we’re committed to offering you not just an event, but an unforgettable experience that celebrates the best of you and your love. From the picturesque landscapes of Málaga to the warm Spanish hospitality, we’re here to guide, inspire, and make every one of your wedding dreams in Málaga come true.

I’m excited to meet you and be part of your journey to the most special day of your life!

With love,


Andalusian by birth, between the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Architect and expert in knowing how to do a bit of everything (except play an instrument).

Simple, travel and animal lover. I don’t know how to live without music or sport; I don’t know how to do nothing either (well, only if you leave me on a beach in Thailand sunbathing). I don’t forgive beer on Fridays or disorder.

A colour? When in doubt, always black. A song? Better two: “Fix you”, of Coldplay and “Brown eyed girl”, of Van Morrison. A film? We’d better talk about genres: superheroes and vampires.


Of course I can. Besides, it’s one of my passions, so I’m more than happy to do it!
Whether in Spain or abroad, I go wherever you need me to go. Bali? Mexico? Italy?

Weddings that couples like you enjoy to the limit. Weddings that will remain engraved in your memories. Weddings with their own personality, culminating in a great party.

With yours! My speciality is modern and urban weddings adapted to the personality of each couple. It is very important for me to get to know you and identify your style. This is the only way we can create a unique and exclusive wedding. Your wedding.

Of course! For me it is also very important to know the place where the wedding is going to take place. So, if we are far away from each other, we could take advantage of the visit and get excited together.

My mother tongue is Spanish. I also speak German and English. Perfect if you have guests from different countries or if you are getting married away from home.

The material I have is for our couples, but if you have seen something in a photo that you like, don’t hesitate to ask.

I am based in Hamburg and Malaga, but thanks to the digital world we can get to know each other, no matter where you are.

Not at all. I have a very important network of contacts of professionals with whom I have already worked and have references, but that does not prevent me from working with others. The supplier we choose for your wedding will be because it fits with you and what you need. Besides, you have the last word.

Wedding planner Malaga

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