Wedding in Mallorca: how to choose the perfect venue

A wedding in Mallorca can be a dream come true. Getting married in Mallorca, no matter what time of the year, is a beautiful experience. A wedding by the sea, in a finca or in an exclusive hotel. There is something for everyone.

Beach club for weddings Mallorca
Wedding venue in Mallorca with sea views

Choosing the place to celebrate your wedding is one of the main issues to be closed as soon as possible (and also the one that causes the most headaches). It is important to be clear about the starting data: number of guests, type of wedding and budget, among others. I recommend you follow these 6 tips and check this to-do list to get off to a good start in organising your wedding.

Wedding in Mallorca: how to choose the perfect venue


Mallorca is an island with a wide variety of styles and budgets. To get married in Mallorca and make it unforgettable, you have to take into account that the prices vary a lot from one venue to another and that each one has its own conditions to be able to celebrate your wedding there.

You can choose between a sea of olive trees or a blue Mediterranean sea. There are fincas and finca hotels where you can celebrate your wedding in Mallorca with a more rural style. Each finca has its own style. Some have a more elegant style and others have a more boho style. It is also important to look at the number of rooms available.

Other venues are purely event venues and only offer the possibility of holding the wedding without the option of accommodation. With these characteristics, there are other types of spaces that are not fincas where you can celebrate your wedding, such as restaurants, old factories or museums.

If, on the other hand, you dream of getting married in Mallorca with sea views, you can choose between different venues. From beautiful restaurants to exclusive hotels, as well as incredible beach clubs.

Wedding Finca Mallorca
Wedding Finca Mallorca
Wedding Hotel Mallorca
Wedding in Mallorca

How much does a wedding venue in Mallorca cost?

Prices on the island vary quite a lot. It is possible that the price of the menu includes the venue and it is not necessary to pay extra.

Fincas without accommodation can start from €1000 up to €20,000 for the most exclusive venues (even more…).

Those that offer accommodation usually ask for an extra per event, apart from the cost of the rooms and a minimum number of nights. This extra varies between €800 and €10,000.

When it comes to sea views, the budget can be similar. But in general the prices are usually higher than in the interior of the island.

Together we will find the perfect venue for your wedding and your budget. I will accompany you to visit each of the venues we have selected. If it is impossible for you to visit the island before the wedding, we will do so by video call. I will advise you on everything possible to make the perfect choice.

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Beach club for weddings Mallorca

Wedding in Mallorca: how to choose the perfect venue


Once you have decided where you want to celebrate your wedding, you will know if you need an external caterer or not. Many hotels or the restaurants themselves offer this service, so you will not have to hire an external caterer.

In Mallorca there are several high quality catering companies. Generally, the price for a menu varies between 170-200€ as a minimum. This price includes furniture, menu, appetizer, drinks and usually 2 hours of open bar during the party.

Finca boho Mallorca
Wedding Finca Mallorca


I will design every corner of your wedding. We will leave nothing to chance. The perfect decoration for you and in harmony with the space we will make it happen together with other professionals on the island such as florists.

The budget for the decoration of a wedding in Mallorca will depend on the size of the wedding itself and the spaces to be decorated. I always recommend setting aside a minimum of between €1,000-3,500 to achieve the expected result.

Beach club for weddings Mallorca

Generally, a wedding in Mallorca costs a minimum of €250 per person, not counting wedding dress, suit, wedding planner, photographer and accommodation.

At wed & dings we can inform you without commitment. Book your appointment here. All you have to do is choose the day and time that suits you best.

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