How much cost a wedding in Spain?

Organise your wedding in spain without hassle and find out how much cost a wedding in Spain.

If you’re here it’s because you can’t get the idea of having a legen-dary wedding out of your mind. Maybe it’s because travelling is your greatest passion or because you’ve seen too many weddings ruined by rain or bad weather and you don’t want to go through with it (at least reduce the chances). Or maybe it’s because your middle name is Sun?


Whatever the case, you’ve considered the possibility of having your wedding in some exotic place far away from home. You will have the same tasks as with any other wedding: administrative paperwork, choosing suppliers, the style of decoration… but with the difficulty of distance. So let’s put a name to it: Destination Wedding.

Your wedding in Spain


A destination wedding is a wedding that will take place in a place or country other than where the couple lives. Usually far enough away to be considered an ADVENTURE (it is!!!).


It is a different way of tying the knot, combining wedding and holiday. Destination weddings are not just about the wedding day. Couples usually organise a pre-wedding party, the wedding and a post-wedding gathering, which can be a brunch, lunch or dinner. It’s an experience for you and your partner as well as for all the guests.

Wedding in Malaga


In Spain there are many incredible destinations to choose from: beach or mountain, countryside or city, islands or mainland. If you are clear about the type of wedding you would like, it will be easier to choose. If this is not the case, I recommend a unique destination: Málaga.

One of the main advantages offered by this region is the climate. It is possible to enjoy more than 320 days of sunshine a year and warm, mild temperatures. The gastronomy, one of the best in the world and influenced by the Mediterranean culture, is another great advantage and is carried out by great professionals. The wide range of hotels, airport links and the number of possible wedding venues make this area one of the top and favourite destinations for weddings away from home.

In regions such as Málaga it is possible to find unrivalled wedding venues. Marbella is, without a doubt, a favourite when it comes to organising a Destination Wedding. From beach ceremonies to the most exclusive of locations. Wonderful infrastructures that are already designed for this, such as beach clubs, hotels with access to the sea or private villas. Or Nerja, which has nothing to envy.

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Wedding in Malaga

Your wedding in Spain


The possibilities when it comes to choosing the type of wedding in Spain are almost endless!

Once you have decided that travelling for your big day is the perfect option for you, it is best to focus on thetype of venue for your destination wedding. The venue will determine the aesthetics of your special day, the perfect time of year and the impact on your budget.

You may have a clear idea of the location or city, either because you got engaged there or because it’s your special holiday destination. If not, don’t worry.

There is a wide variety of venues in Spain for every type of wedding:

  • Wedding on the beach or by the sea
  • Weddings by the sea (on a ship)
  • Wedding in the city (in a design hotel)
  • Wedding on a golf course
  • Wedding in a private villa
Wedding in Spain
Wedding in Spain
Wedding in Malaga


Once you have chosen your destination, you will need to choose a date. Even if you have a date in mind, it is important to research the weather conditions during that season. In coastal locations, summer is the peak season and is when the crowds are at their highest. It is normal to see higher prices and less availability.

From September to November or March to June you are most likely to enjoy good weather. Temperatures on the coast are usually warm during the day.

Guests pay for things like travel expenses, hotels and activities, so the costs add up quickly. So if you have guests who can’t afford to attend, don’t be disappointed.


The cost of weddings in Spain varies considerably, depending mainly on the venue chosen for the celebration. There are venues for luxury weddings as well as for medium and low budget weddings.

For weddings of 50-60 people I would count on a minimum of 12000 – 15000€, depending on the services and details you want to incorporate. Ideally you should have a budget of at least €20,000 for weddings of up to 100 guests.

After that, anything is possible. So it is important that you are clear about the type of wedding you would like. As references I can tell you:

  • The cost of the catering including drinks can vary between 75-300 €
  • The services of a photographer or videographer between 1300-3000 €
  • DJ between 600-3000€
  • Musicians between 500-3000€
Wedding in Malaga
Wedding in Spain

If you follow our tips you can enjoy a destination wedding in Spain with total confidence. Once you know how much a destination wedding in Spain costs, decide what your budget will be and start shaping the wedding you can’t get out of your head.

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