6 Tips for a perfect and unforgettable wedding

The perfect wedding you dream of doesn’t come with a set script, but should be based on your own. It’s your wedding and you write your own script. Only yours. And to help you achieve this, we are going to give you the best tips for a perfect wedding.

How to plan the perfect wedding
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You just got engaged. You’re in over your heads. You get ideas and more ideas of what your wedding could be like. Because it is YOURS. It belongs to both of you. And you want to share it with the most important people in your life. You want everyone to enjoy and be surprised. Let them cry with you. Let them laugh, sing and dance until they can’t stand it any more. And that they will always remember your wedding as one of the best they have ever attended. But you also want that and more.

That’s why I’m going to tell you how to achieve it. How to have the perfect wedding and not die trying.

Here we go!



Let’s start with you. One of the main problems when starting to plan a wedding is this: where to start. I always advise my bride and groom weddings to think about them; what brought them together. A nice way to find a main theme is to get to know yourselves. Did you meet at a concert? In an iconic city? Are you passionate about film? Have you got engaged in front of your favourite beach? Many will be very clear, but others will find it a little more difficult. Write down all the ideas and decide what you want your wedding to be about. How you want to be identified.


The next step is to find a placeto celebrate your wedding. But not before making a guest list. It is essential to have an approximate number of guests, as this will determine whether a venue is suitable for your celebration or not. If that’s clear, it’s time to get down to work. Here it is important to bear in mind the first tip. Not all venues will suit your style and number of guests, not to mention your budget. But the perfect place for your wedding is there. Do not despair!


It is very important that, if you want your wedding to speak about you, we give it a voice. This topic is one of the most important tips for a perfect wedding. How to achieve it? Through design and decoration. Creating spaces and atmospheres for each situation. You want to make a difference, don’t you? So don’t settle for the status quo. Everything can be changed and adapted. It is best to have a professional. He will know how to capture your ideas, your feelings, your essence. He will also be the one who will prepare everything on your big day. Remember that you have to GET MARRIED. Here is how we can help you.

Perfect wedding decoration
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A great way to let your guests know what they will find at your wedding is through the invitations. Whether digital or on paper, they should reflect your style. The one you have chosen and around which your wedding revolves. At wed & dings we love paper invitations. It is part of the wedding experience and can be kept as a souvenir. Also, think about the environment and consider making them out of recycled paper. There are wonders!


A few months before your wedding it is important to think about the music. What are your favourite songs? Which song do you dance like crazy with your friends? Which ones have accompanied unforgettable moments with your friends? Make a playlist and ask your DJ how to distribute them during the party, which version is the most suitable for the ceremony or how to surprise everyone with your dance.

Wedding music
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If you follow our tips for a perfect wedding, you’ll be able to enjoy your wedding like there’s no tomorrow. There will be! And you will spend it remembering every moment and wishing it could happen again. To do so, you have to switch off. No need to worry about whether the chairs you have chosen have arrived, whether the music is playing on time, whether the placeholders and table markings are correctly positioned or whether the caterer has received all your instructions or modifications. Enjoy and live this day to the fullest because it is unique and unrepeatable. Let your smiles flood your faces and dazzle. Because it is your day and nobody else’s.

What did you think of these tips?

I hope you put them into practice and, together with your partner, achieve a perfect wedding.