Wedding trends 2023: Ingredients for an unforgettable wedding

Are you planning to tie the knot this year? Are you busy with the preparations and design of one of the best days of your life? Then pay attention to the wedding trends 2023 that I have compiled for you to be aware of and get the perfect and unforgettable wedding that will leave everyone open-mouthed.

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Do you want to know what are the wedding trends for 2023 so that yours is a success?

If you have read the article on wedding trends you will already know that couples increasingly want their wedding to be a reflection of themselves. They want to tell their story, theirs and no one else’s. They want it to be true to themselves, their values and their style.

In addition, the theme of sustainability is increasingly present and we are seeing more and more informal weddings that give rise to new ideas and more personal and unforgettable moments.

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When you start shaping your wedding, there are factors that form part of the common thread from the very beginning. Organising a wedding is not an easy task, it is often necessary to be guided and helped by a professional, but once you are clear about these points, the rest will be easier and everything will be aimed at making your wedding a success.


Weddings are becoming more relaxed and more spontaneous and fun. Even the most luxurious ones seek to be more natural, softening protocols or adapting them to their own essence.

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This trend continues to grow and is reflected, for example, in the use of local suppliers. Avoiding long journeys and using local products can always pay off.


Weddings are increasingly focused on the enjoyment of the guests. The bride and groom, as hosts, concentrate on giving them an unforgettable day and making them feel at home. It is your day and you will still be the protagonists.

Personalisation of every detail

More and more brides and grooms are shying away from “dressed up” weddings. They want to be themselves on their big day and want to give a real image. Every detail is based on their tastes and their life as a couple and it will be reflected in everything: stationery, music, menu, party…

Wedding Trends 2022
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Weekday weddings

Thursdays and Fridays are becoming more and more popular. Whether it is because everything is booked or because you like the date itself, it is becoming more normal to get married during the week. It also has the advantage that it is usually cheaper.

Destination weddings

Why limit the party of your life to just one day? You don’t have to go far either. Weekend weddings are on the rise, as they allow you to extend the experience and enjoy the pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding in a fun, organised and unforgettable way.

The search for good weather is also a plus point for this type of wedding. How about a wedding with sea views on the Costa del Sol, or in a castle near Cádiz?

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Wedding trends 2023: Decoration

The decoration of a wedding is the tip of the iceberg. Once you have everything organised or in process, you must define what the decoration will be like, what style or styles it will follow and what message you want it to convey. We start from a moodboard from which we draw threads to design one by one each aspect that composes it. From the general idea to the smallest detail.

Bright colour palettes

Although warm colours such as pink, terracotta or light blue will continue to be very present, we are going to see many combinations of bright and vibrant colours such as yellow, purple, pink or orange.

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Rustic style is back

Nature is the main protagonist in the decoration. Outdoor weddings are the best option for this style of rustic floral arrangements, natural furniture, wicker and combinations with golden elements.

Alternative floral designs

We see more and more minimalistic floral designs, concentrating on the colours of the flowers and the structures they form. This gives rise to modern and colourful decorations, using elements that are not necessarily vases and combining them with candles, fruits and anything else that adds colour.


I told you that this trend was here to stay. Spaces are becoming more and more important, but by transforming them with carefully studied lighting, you will make it unique and unrepeatable, no matter where it is!

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Wedding trends 2023: The reception

It is something that is never missing and is sometimes given little attention, but the receotion is very important and can be organised in different ways.

When it comes to seating guests, we will see receptions with long rectangular tables. They will enjoy thoughtful, sustainable food dishes or amazing cocktails.

On the sweet side, there is a growing trend to replace the traditional cake with individual cakes. This offers a greater variety of flavours, textures and colours.

If you want to keep the cake as a highlight, go ahead. The decoration will merge with your wedding cake. We are going to see very eye-catching cakes full of flowers.

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Wedding trends 2023: Entertainment

Based on offering an unforgettable event to each of your wedding guests, live entertainment is becoming more and more present. From bands and instrumental soloists to dance shows and magicians.

Wedding trends
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Wedding trends 2023: The bride and groom’s style

In line with the first point of this article, we are going to see brides and grooms with a more relaxed look but with thoughtful details that will add a lot of value.


White and its different shades will continue to be the star colour for brides, but with the possibility of combining it with other colours such as beige or grey. As for the style, there will be two extremes with a lot of presence: classic or relaxed. We are going to see long sleeves, lace and voluminous skirts, but we are also going to see many minimalist and light designs for the simplest and most avant-garde brides.

Above all, we are seeing more and more brides taking care that the fabrics are organic, natural and even recycled. They should also be made by local artisans.

Mini-dresses and jumpsuits are becoming more and more important. And not only in civil weddings. Combinations that allow for changes of look during the celebration are the most requested. Why have only one dress when you can have at least two?

And one more detail: the cuts that let you see backs, sides or waists will no longer be only for daring brides..

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The groom wants to take centre stage. That is why we will see daring looks with a lot of personality: printed jackets and waistcoats, satin or tweed fabrics. Of course, the black dinner jacket will continue to be the most elegant, but with details that make a difference.

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What do you think of these new wedding trends 2023?

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