Top wedding trends 2021-2022

If you are planning your wedding in 2021 or 2022, start taking note of the trends that are on the rise.

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One thing is clear:

This year has been very, very strange (not to say bad).

We have had to postpone many weddings in 2020, but there have been some that we have been able to celebrate. We had to change several things and adapt them to the required measures, but they turned out great and the bride and groom were able to enjoy the best day of their lives. Goal achieved!

And let’s not kid ourselves. This situation has greatly influenced the way weddings are going to be next year, the way we value things and our flexibility. So, if you are celebrating your wedding in 2021 or 2022, start taking note of the trends that are coming on strong.



The almost principal problem that has caused this pandemic has been the reduction in the number of guests. Weddings with more than 200 guests have been really affected. The 100-150 have had (depending on the time and restriction) a bit more luck.

This is why many couples consider a more intimate wedding, with their closest family and friends. No distant cousins or undesirable engagements. Only those who have to be.

This will allow you to organise your wedding in a more relaxed way, to save money and invest more in quality and to concentrate on the details that matter and that will make your wedding a unique event.

Elopments have become very popular and many couples have dared to celebrate their wedding in the strictest privacy: just the two of them. Only accompanied by a photographer and the wedding officiant.

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More and more couples are insisting on having a wedding that identifies them. They want to avoid having just another wedding. Modern weddings are like this: very personal, with key details that speak of your history and yourselves and aim to leave everyone with an open wedding.

One of the most important trends in weddings in 2021 is to have a clean design based on what identifies you as a couple. A design that leans towards the minimal, with details that contribute. No more just putting things up for the sake of putting them up, let alone piling things up without any sense. It is about prioritising quality over quantity.

That is why we always recommend starting with a good Moodboard that compiles ideas for each of the aspects you want to focus on. A good wedding designer will know how to achieve all this and will know how to optimise your budget to create the perfect wedding for you and your partner.

Urban wedding Hamburg
Andrea Scheib


They are very important in design. But no pointless filling it all in. We are going to use them to give importance to corners and to create the atmosphere we want. Here it will be very important to be clear about the colour palette you define in your Moodboard.

As part of the experience, think about the smells. Wild flowers and aromatic plants will be seen a lot. But also dried flowers. As we always say, it depends on the style and design you are looking for.

Wedding flowers
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The accompanying trend for modern weddings in 2021 will be neutral tones, but with vibrant colours to attract attention wherever we decide. This will result in very elegant, but also fun weddings. It all depends on the key colour you choose.


It was already going strong. Good lighting makes it possible to turn dull spaces into the complete opposite. You can create magical atmospheres if you take care of the lighting.

One of the best trends for weddings 2021-2022 and one that should stay forever, because you’ll fall in love with it!

Combining warm lights with candles at evening weddings will create a romantic atmosphere. But you can also innovate and combine ethereal and clean lights in delicate tones for open spaces or to focus on something.

We will see lots of starry skies, curtains of lights at banquets and garlands in outdoor spaces.

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As we always insist, it is part of the design and concept of your wedding. You should not concentrate on invitations and neglect the rest. The missals or ceremony guides, the sitting cards, the seating plan, the signage… Everything must follow the same line. As if it were a brand.

This one from Tatengold for an urban wedding is the best!

Wedding stationery trends
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More and more people are opting for more informal menus. Cocktail weddings are becoming more and more common and we see more quality starters and fewer courses on the table. No more sitting at the table for hours and having your guests fall asleep.

Food Trucks will add that cool touch to your wedding. A trend for both drinks and food, even ice cream!

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We already told you it was a trend that was here to stay. Stationery, details for the guests and even the food, tend to look for that eco and sustainable aspect.

Avoiding waste, reducing our carbon footprint and doing our bit is increasingly seen in modern weddings.

Sustainable wedding trends


Due to the large number of weddings taking place in 2021, many of the venues and wedding suppliers are more than booked for Saturdays. Therefore, we are going to see a lot of weddings on Fridays and even Sundays.

This has a big advantage: many sites offer discounts if you book their services on days other than Saturdays. This way you can invest more in decoration or other services and have an even more spectacular and unique wedding.

These are the best trends for weddings 2021-2022, but one thing is clear to us: you must be true to yourselves. Bet on YOU.

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