Top 10 wedding styles: What’s yours? (I)

Let’s review together the 10 most important wedding styles that exist and that you can perfectly adapt to yourselves to have a perfect and unforgettable wedding.

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You already know where you are going to get married and when. You know what you should not miss at your wedding and you have the help you need to make sure that everything goes perfectly and that you enjoy your big day like crazy. Now it’s time to define the wedding style that suits you. Style or styles, because you can mix them as you like (as long as there is coherence). A wedding does not have to have a fixed style of decoration, but one that predominates and give it touches of others that also captivate you.

Ready? Do you have your wedding notebook next to you to write down the most important things? Well, here we go!



This style is characterised by protocol, elegance and sophistication. A traditional style with the presence of the classical and where light colours such as white, nude, cream or powdered colours predominate, to which you can add touches of more vibrant tones or protagonists such as maroon or blue, or even metallic or golden tones.

To create these monochromatic and harmonious atmospheres, the use of candlesticks, candles, metal or glass structures and porcelain is often used. The use of large spaces with walls and ceilings decorated with mouldings is classic in itself, but very elegant. The presence of flowers here is essential, whether at the ceremony or at the venue. You have to play with large volumes and heights, but never overload too much.

For whom: for brides who dream of looking like a princess in white heels and grooms with a classic cut or morning suit who don’t want to risk too much.

Tip: take a risk! It combines a classic setting with some more modern-style decorative elements. Beautiful chairs without covering will give your wedding a new look.

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This style is dominated bylight tones such as pinks, beiges, pastel shades, yellows, Mint green… Flowers are very prominent, even in prints and stationery. Chandeliers, crystal lamps, candles, long tables and pampas are the most popular decorative elements.

To create Parisian atmospheres or warm cosy summer nights is the magic of this style. Softness, delicacy and intimacy are the main characteristics of this style.

For whom: for delicate brides who want a magical atmosphere and love pastel shades.

Tip: you can mix this style with others such as modern, vintage, shabby chic or rustic. It will depend on the place and what it needs.



As its name suggests, the characteristic of this style is the beauty of the past. Antique objects such as suitcases, furniture, upholstered chairs, tablecloths, record players, old radios, books, antique crockery… It is a romantic style in itself that combines textures, floral prints and carefully aged, metallic elements and glass.

Sophisticated floral decorations with lots of greenery and vibrant colours will complete a very prominent decoration. Pastel tones also go very well here.

For whom: lovers of this style, of course! If you love decorating with antique furniture and a nod to the past. Light and simple dresses with some lace will be your perfect outfit. For him, suits in muted grey tones, bow tie and braces or even take a risk with tweed or checked fabrics.

Tip: This style is perfect for gardens or old buildings with an industrial touch.



This style has been a trend in recent years. It could be mistaken for a romantic or even vintage style, but with natural touches. Green is a great protagonist for the floral arrangements and the bridal bouquet, together with flowers such as roses and star colours such as blues and pinks in pastel tones with white bases. Candles, antique vases, curtains, porcelain and lace will create a decor reminiscent of an old English country house.

For whom: if you can’t decide between vintage or romantic style, this is the one for you. Keep the best of each!

Tip: Customise it as you like. This style has no rules and is timeless.


This style is mostlyurban. It breathes of the city, of its frenetic pace, but stops time in spaces with a life of their own: old factories, warehouses, train stations, art galleries or lofts. They are characterised by exposed brickwork, concrete or steel beams and are very open-plan. This style is the king of the most modern, mixing minimalism or any other style. We will see wood, metal, Chester sofas, strips of light bulbs, illuminated signs, candles or spotlights.

The colour palettes here are endless, but if you’re looking for a sleek, industrial style, introduce black or gold. As far as flowers are concerned, the important thing is not to overload. A lot of greenery and some bright flowers in neutral colours or in the chosen palette will look great on the tables.

For whom: urban, modern, hipstercouples. If you love the city, this is your style. A simple dress with an open back or a jumpsuit for her is just one of hundreds of options. For him a modern or daring suit. Follow your own style!

Tip: If you hold the ceremony in the same space, you can bring these beautiful brick walls to life with a floral installation and candles. But this is one idea out of thousands. Here imagination becomes style! Prepare something out of the ordinary to surprise your guests or to get some amazing photos. Top!


Don’t miss the next article. You will discover the following 5 main and most groundbreaking styles in wedding decoration and styling.

The top 10 wedding styles for you to find yours and adapt to you and your partner are waiting for you.