Urban-Folk: Wedding in a Thermalhotel in Valladolid

Yurena & Alberto were identified by a clear idea: they have lived in many different cities and streets around the world, always building a new home, but always together. So it was clear to us that this should be the central axis of the design of this beautiful and emotional wedding in a thermal hotel in Valladolid.

Only a few kilometres separate Palencia from Valladolid, so the destiny was not very complicated. They were destined to end up together and close the gap with their van. And with Flan, of course, who accompanies them to the North Pole (literally!).

The date chosen: 18th June 2021

Venue: Balneario de Olmedo, Valladolid

We knew that we were going to have to adapt to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19, as changing the date was not in their plans. We were lucky that just for the big day the restrictions were reduced and everything could be more relaxed, but safe for everyone.

But there was one thing that nothing and no one can control: the weather. The whole week leading up to the big day it rained like never before. Until a few hours before, the forecast was for plan B. But we trusted the prediction of all possible applications and kept plan A. You can’t imagine how sunny it was that day. Yurena was convinced it would be like that and she wasn’t wrong! Even so, we had to take into account that the garden would be quite wet.

Mirrors Foto y Video were in charge of making sure that this day would be remembered forever. Both the images and the videos have turned out to be incredible and they have been able to reflect and capture every single feeling of this unforgettable day.


The bride was certain that her dress would be a personalised creation for her and that it would be 100% true to her style. Natural Bride Boutique dedicated all its passion to design it and accompanied Yurena until the last minute of the preparations to make her look perfect. High quality fabrics and craftsmanship that left no doubt that this dress was for her.

The shoes that accompanied our bride were sandals by Flor de Asoka and they didn’t need any replacement, as they are very comfortable, as well as beautiful.

During the preparations, Yure wore a beautiful gown by Natural Bride. Misia & Co. made sure she looked spectacular and, above all, natural. For her hair, Yurena wanted to reinterpret the veil and wore a pale pink silk scarf that came out of her updo.

Urban Wedding Valladolid
Wedding Valladolid

The bouquet was lovingly created by Sanchez Arte Floral. He knew how to choose each of the flowers that were part of our beautiful urban wedding in Valladolid and was able to create the bouquet to the maximum detail and just as the bride imagined.

Alberto chose a navy blue suit with a squared waistcoat and white shirt. No tie or bow tie. True to his style and 100% elegant.

Urban Wedding Valladolid
Wedding Valladolid


The thermal baths of Olmedo is a historic building with spectacular spaces. Each scene of this beautiful urban wedding was in a different setting.

The design was inspired by an urban-folk style with a vivid and wide colour palette of pink, green and orange. With the central idea and the slogan “Home is wherever I am with you” we told the story of their life together. We also created our own logo: the map of a new city in which to share this great day with everyone.

Wedding Valladolid

The ceremony was a very important point and it had to be beautiful. It was very emotional and fun at the same time. Flan could not be missing on such an important day. That’s the thing about civil ceremonies, they are flexible and allow you to mould them to your liking. The bride and groom entered through an aisle full of wild flowers that ended in a space designed to make you feel at home. The sofa from Dandelion events came as a perfect match, and complemented with carpets in our colour palette, created a small lounge in our invented city.

Wedding Valladolid
Wedding Valladolid
Urban Wedding Valladolid

At the cocktail, keeping with the idea of the home and the invented city, we set up sofas, armchairs, rugs and tables to create other homes for the guests to feel at home and interact with each other. The music came from the Young Forest Band. Amazing guys with a folk style a la Mumford & Sons, they were great! Ideal for this wedding in a thermen hotel in Valladolid.

When it was time to enter the reception, each guest had to find their place. The seating plan contained an envelope for each guest with an address inside. La chispa de la fiesta created the wedding signs, as well as the envelopes in the colours we were looking for, making every corner spectacular.

Wedding Valladolid

The tables, decorated in detail, were divided by colour and flooded with small flowers that were part of the design. Each one with its own address and with small presents as souvenirs for each guest. Following one of the most current trends in weddings, we designed the patio space with lights and the wedding table with lamps at different heights that could only leave everyone speechless. Thanks to The boda producciones set-up it looked spectacular.

Wedding Valladolid
Urban Wedding Valladolid
Wedding Valladolid
Wedding Valladolid

Afterwards it was the outdoor party. Our couple did not stop smiling at any time and there were several surprises. The guests enjoyed themselves to the fullest and will remember this beautiful wedding forever.

Wedding Valladolid


Thank you, thank you and more thank you Laura!
I knew from the beginning that you were going to exceed our expectations and yet you managed to surprise us and make us fall in love with every detail.
Not only did you make our wedding day a lot of fun! But what you have done is that setting up the whole thing in a different country from the one we live in and in the middle of a global pandemic has been a beautiful, fun and exciting way to go. So much so that I would love to get married again every year!!!!

You are a true professional,you listened to our ideas, you proposed solutions for any inconvenience that arose and you took care of every detail as if it were your own wedding. And that could be felt in any of the beautiful corners you set up.

Thank you, once again, for helping us to create a unique memory!

Wedding Valladolid

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