Top 10 wedding styles: What’s yours? (II)

What did you think of the previous article? I hope you’re hungry for more, because here are 5 more key styles for you to start shaping your own.



It is a fresh, natural style, with lots of greenery and light. The undressed wooden tables are perfect, as are the chairs. Wildflowers and colourful flowerswill look perfect with wicker and fabric details. Warm colours such as oranges, yellows or maroons are ideal as protagonists. Hanging ornaments, bottles turned into vases, pallets and fruit crates will complete this decoration with a natural and rustic concept.

For who: For brides who want to go natural with airy dresses, light fabrics, bouquets of wild flowers and touches of colour.

Tip: If you want a wedding that claims sustainability and love for nature this is yours. But not the only one!

rustic wedding


Since 2019, this style with hippie, ethnic and bohemian influences has been going strong. Macramés have become almost essential in weddings of this style. The presence of green is very marked by its natural and romantic airs and can be combined with bright and colourful flowers or kept in neutral tones. Carpets, wicker, different textures and materials are present in boho style weddings.

But if you don’t feel 100% identified with this style, you can mix it with others.

How about Boho chic? Give it the modern and elegant touch to have a wedding totally adapted to your personality. A free, creative style without rules!

For who: For you! Modern, elegant, who like nature in your free time but love the city. There are some breathtaking boho style dresses that you can combine with your favourite biker jacket. Breakers!

Tip: Let yourself go and create corners that will leave everyone open-mouthed. If you like handicrafts, you can try your hand at making macramé yourself.


Tropical wedding


If you are getting married in summer or even spring, you can create a wedding oasis in any corner of the city. Combinations of wicker, metal or wood together with tropical plants such as palm trees will transport you to the Caribbean. Fruits look great in the decoration, as they are available in many bright colours, which is what brightens up this style. Pinks, reds, yellows and lots of green!

For who: If you love summer or your first trip was to the Caribbean. This style is also very cheerful and modern. Combine it with industrial and modern touches and you will be on to something.

Tip: A rooftop in the city or a space reminiscent of a greenhouse with tropical decoration will have nothing to envy to that Cuban terrace you fell in love with.


This style itself is more of a line that combines with other styles. When we decorate a modern wedding, we invest in simplicity and harmony. Order takes centre stage with straight, pure lines represented in elements of wood, steel or brass. Light colours contrastedwith medium and dark colours for the flowers, but with a lot of greenery, as it gives a fresh air. Grey in its mid and lighter shades is the best and goes with almost any other colour.

For who: If you are passionate about design, urban design and order, this is the style for you. Dresses with simple and elegant lines or with boho touches for her. For him, an elegant Slim suit or even a dinner jacket if you want to make it more chic.

Tip: Combine it with other styles to achieve a totally personal wedding: modern industrial, modern boho, modern with minimalist touches…

Photo: Andrea Scheib


Derived from the modern, but following the philosophy of “less is more“. The spaces are fundamental and the decoration is just right, but with style. Stylised chandeliers, sober invitations, neutral colours and plain finishes will be a hit. The almost solitary flowers will bring delicacy to the tables.

For who: For lovers of minimal, plain designs and spaces free of ornaments. Purists!

Tip: Give it a twist with key elements to provide a general idea. For example olive leaves to create a minimal Mediterranean wedding or vegetable or fruit elements in earth tones to make it more natural.

Minimalistic wedding

What do you think of these wedding styles? Which one will you choose to dazzle and surprise at your wedding?

These are the top 10 wedding styles, but not the only ones. Every couple has their own style and it should be reflected in their big day. Because it’s your day. YOURS.

Do you want me to help you get it?